January 2020

SEO Decoded

SEO always seems like a bad game that one could never win. Seriously! SEO, or search engine optimization, appears complicated due to several various factors. How can anybody possibly win? 

5 Things to Optimize on your website

Having an optimized site helps search engines rank your website and get it in front of your ideal audience. Now, the only way to help your website rank in the search engines is to make sure it gets optimized for your intended audience. Every blog post, every page, product, and podcast episode you publish should be optimized for your intended purpose.

Mastering the Square Suite for Busy Entrepreneurs

Have you found yourself doing the most mundane and repetitive tasks for your business? Isn’t it, as the business owner, you should be relaxing at the beach while your business makes money for you? Or at least, you don’t do the boring tasks and focus on tasks that you really want – maybe it’s selling, product design or marketing.

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