Creating a Year of social media posts in 10 mins

Social media is a powerful tool when utilized the best way possible, no matter what type of business you have–whether you sell products, services, host events, or write a blog. Social media can be a strong asset for you.

If you have multiple social media pages, then you must know how challenging it is to create posts of different sizes plus a consistent blog with never-ending tasks that you hardly have time for.

Well, you don’t have to worry about hiring someone for this one task or spend days trying to prepare varying posts for each platform.

You only need one tool–that is Missinglettr–to automate this challenging task in less than 10 minutes.


Missinglettr is a strategic automated social campaign to help you publish blog posts for a year. It combs through your post to find quotes, facts, and more to create posts for your audience.

It is a great way to keep your audience engaged on what’s going on with your blog, plus it circulates old posts that aren’t front nor center anymore. This technique allows you to have a consistent flow of traffic created from your blog without the hassle of having to create a post for each platform.

Missinglettr creates posts for leading websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, from your blog on WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and Squarespace using your RSS feed.


Missinglettr is extremely easy to use. First, connect your blog’s RSS feed and name your blog.

After you add it, Missinglettr will go and pull your existing blog posts, and create “campaigns” for you to review.

These campaigns will include bits of information from your blog posts to create posts for the various platforms you own. You are free to go and approve or change the posts for scheduling.


Ready to get started making social media more convenient than ever?

I have a special offer from Missinglettr to my audience: get 50% off your first 3 months!

Isn’t that awesome?!

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