Creating & Launching Your Shopify Store in 1 Hour with Debutify

Whether it’s starting a dropshipping side-hustle while working a 9-5 or selling designs on t-shirts, everyone is seeking a passive income source to their life. But after doing research on your products, you need to do well in putting everything together with your business brand to not let your ideal passive income source become an active pain.

First thing? Start with a platform that is built for what you are trying to do–to sell your products without much hassle in this case Shopify. Then, add an effortless setup with Debutify to start selling in just less than a day.  


Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. With an expansive app store, it allows you to add various features that cater to your store’s needs, making your brand appear the ideal way you want it.


Meanwhile, Debutify is a plug-and-play Shopify theme that is free but has an option for premium add-on features. What sets this theme different from the other free themes found in the Shopify store is how it’s built with your valuable customers in mind. They have created a theme whose premium features that need no other apps to accomplish. This theme is good to go with very little setup needed. You only have to customize it to match your store, then start selling. This is a great deal for getting started with your Shopify store when you don’t want to mess with building a theme from scratch.


Simple, anyone.

This theme wasn’t built for a specific industry: it was built to turn your customers into sales. It was optimized for the best customer experience with a bunch of desired features already added without an additional price to worry about.

Looking to sell one item? it’s for you.

Selling dropshipping items? It’s for you.

Selling your own products? Yep, it’s for you too.

Having a theme that is optimized for conversions instead of a particular industry or product category size makes it easy to get started without having to find a way to “fit” in a box. 

To provide a quick overview of Debutify, here’s a video!


You don’t have to struggle, in my course “Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 hour with Debutify”, I’ll take you through each step of the process from starting your 14-day trial to launching in a day. 

You don’t need a ton of stuff. All you need are your products, your brand assets, and Debutify. Even before your 14-day trial is up, you may start bringing in sales without even paying for Shopify.

As you have guessed now, the truth is you don’t need to put thousands of dollars into your store in the beginning; you just need to start selling.

In this course, we will go over : 

  • Getting started with Shopify

  • Getting started with Debutify

  • Shopify Dashboard walkthrough

  • Essentials for selling and serving your customers

  • How to maximize Shopify to increase sales

  • How to organize your store

  • Complete setup walkthrough of Debutify + Premium features

Everything you need to get started with any type of store and excel on the Shopify platform is here!

This course is for:

  • Aspiring Shopify store owners looking to get started with E-commerce

  • Dropshippers wanting to start a Shopify store

  • Side hustlers seeking to create a stream of income by starting a niche store 


Hi, I’m Jess! I am the founder of Jess the Techpreneur, and I create courses for non-techie solopreneurs who are seeking to tackle tech in their business to build, launch, and scale.

With my 8+ years of being a multi-platform designer and developer, I look forward to helping you with automation, email marketing, website help, sales-generating tasks, and much more. 


Get 2 months free access to the course, and get started with launching your Shopify store.

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