How to use Square items

In selling with Square, you will need to house your products somewhere. This is where Square items come in at, it is the library of products that you will use throughout the Square suite of tools.
With your item library, every change you make to the products are reflected across the Square app, dashboard and online. This ensures that your store is always up to date, you are able to edit multiple items at a time using the Square import.
As of the time of this published blog, Square does not allow 360 or 3D photos but you can add gifs, photos, and short videos.

[Watch] How to add items to Square

Tutorial: How to use Square Items

Step #1 - Login to the Square Dashboard

Step #2 - In the main menu, click "Items & Orders"

Step #3 -In the "Items & Orders" sub-menu, click items

Step #4 - In the items, click "Create Item"

Step #5 - Complete item details

Step #6 -If you have multiple locations, you can set it here:

Step #7 - If you would like to track stock, click "Manage Stock"

Step #8 -To add a low stock alert, click "Add low stock alert"

Step #9 -Turn on "Tracking" for stock

Step #10 -When adding stock you can select the reason for the inventory change

Step #11 - Then click "Save". This adds the item to your item library

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