Launch your Online Ordering Hub for Non-Techies

Learn How to Create Your Own Digital Restaurant Ordering System in 1-Hour

For Non-techies setting up an online ordering hub can seem like a discouraging task, but having to manually take orders, keep track of inventory manually, and handle customer service inquiries can be time consuming and lead to inaccurate orders and lost money. 

The Launch Your Online Ordering Hub Class for Non-Techies provides a hands-on environment to learn how to implement a online ordering hub to replace the manual process plus for brick and mortar businesses you have the groundwork for a POS system. 

This class offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run a secure online ordering hub, from setting up a payment gateway to managing customer service inquiries. By the end of class, you will have an online ordering hub that can easily take online orders and increase their profits.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What you need to launch your online ordering hub in an hour
  • How to leverage delivery apps such as Doordash and UberEats without the commission fee
  • How to list your menu on Google for “Delivery” on your business profile

So What is Square?

Square is a flexible business solution tool that works with different portions of your business like an online store, POS system, and payment processing. You can learn more about the platform here.

How would it look?

This is what we will build for your business, you will also have a responsive mobile site to ensure every device has the same experience

How it looks for mobile users

Have questions?

That’s perfect! You can add online ordering into your existing site via a button or directly embedding it into a new page.

We will cover this in class

You can accept:

  • All credit & debt cards
  • Square Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App Pay
  • Paypal (Plus Plan)
  • AfterPay

You are able to add your new online ordering to Google Business profile, Instagram business page, and Facebook business page.

Yes, you can utilize the Square POS system that connects with your new online ordering hub 

Everything you need to get listed and use the features of Square ordering is FREE.

You will need to upgrade to the $29/month if you would like:

  • Expanded site customization 
  • Self-serve (QR code) Ordering
  • Customer accounts (They login)
  • Personalized ordering
  • Accept PayPal
  • Advanced item settings
  • Time-based ordering
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