Mastering the Square Suite for Busy Entrepreneurs

Have you found yourself doing the most mundane and repetitive tasks for your business?

Isn’t it, as the business owner, you should be relaxing at the beach while your business makes money for you? Or at least, you don’t do the boring tasks and focus on tasks that you really want – maybe it’s selling, product design or marketing.

As a solopreneur, it is a blessing to be able to work on your own terms, without depending on somebody else’s work. This means you can direct your business in the way you exactly wanted it.

However, this comes to a cost: almost all responsibility is literally shouldered to you. Since you don’t hire people or partner with someone, you will have to do all the tasks – including the boring ones.

If you don’t want to do these boring tasks again, and hiring is not part of the option, I suggest you a great alternative to hiring: Square

Being a one-man (or woman) entrepreneur can be great. It can even be fulfilling! But over time, as your business grows, you’ll find yourself stuck in tasks that you really don’t want to do.

As a writer, instead of writing your next article or book, you get caught in responding to emails. As a designer, instead of making designs for your product, you need to keep your eye on your payment processor. As a marketer, instead of implementing great marketing campaigns, you have to handle 5 client calls.

And hey, before everything else, if you can’t give quality product or service to your customers (because you’re too busy on mundane stuff), guess what? You’re going to lose clients and gain negative reviews – it will all go downhill from there. Don’t let that happen, and let me help you avoid that!

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you need to go “solo” all the time. You will need help, especially if your business is scaling up.

If hiring is not for you, it’s time to learn about and consider Square.


Square is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs by giving them tools to help them accomplish tasks – especially the boring ones – easily and without the hassle.

If Square is new to you, don’t worry! My “Mastering Square Suite for Busy Entrepreneurs” Course will teach you the basics of Square – from what is to how you can apply its tools to your business.


●      Getting Started with Square

●      Choosing the RIGHT tools for your needs

●      How to get $1,000 fee-free processing

●      How to get started with Invoicing

●      Adding Square Payments to your business

●      Getting started with Appointment and start booking

●      Setting up your Payroll and Time Tracking

●      Building a website on the Square platform


●      Solopreneurs who are doing it all

●      Entrepreneurs who are looking to start scaling a business by adding services and/or hiring employees

●      Just anyone who runs an online business!

Ready to get started?

Well, I am giving you 2-months free to take this course and add that time back into your day! That’s my New year’s gift to you 🙂 

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