Maximizing Shopify with a Custom Order Confirmation Page

E-commerce shop owners have so many concerns to take care of, from product development to email marketing, so making your customers become repeating customers is usually the goal.

Did you know that customers who have made purchases on your website statistically visited your website at least 8-10 times before doing so? So you actually have earned their trust when they convert to paying customers. At this point, you are aiming to gain loyal customers of your brand. To make this happen, you must nurture the relationship between the brand and the valued customers through emails, social media, and more. 

But what if you can get them to re-convert before even leaving the first time? 

Well, you absolutely can with Reconvert, a thank-you page customizer built to increase conversions in the form of sales and customer data. It provides a place to inform your new customers, gathers birthdays, invites them to connect via email, and the like. It literally takes less than 10 minutes to get it installed on your Shopify store to start working for you.


Great question! Shopify has a built-in order confirmation page that gives you shipping information–products ordered and status. It’s limited in what is displayed on the page, and the only way to make changes is through the code of the theme which if you can hardly follow a tutorial could result in ruining your theme.

Adding a custom thank-you or order confirmation page allows you to be in control–allowing you to add whatever you want without the coding. Since it is the last place in your sales funnel, having the ability to essentially take your customers back through the process before leaving your store is great for your goal of increasing sales.


With Reconvert, you can add various features to the 2 different parts of your order confirmation page. The first part consists of the map/status and activity log, while the second contains the order details, including the products purchased and the total amount. 

You have the option of adding:

  • Embedded video

  • Upsell section

  • Discount for next orders

  • Social media follow 

  • Birthday collection field

  • Discount pop up + countdown timer

  • Re-order button

  • Images

  • Post-purchase surveys

  • 17Track widget

Any mix of these features allows you to create a custom feel to your Shopify thank-you page, and collect the relevant data needed to go forward with marketing, and helping nurture your new customers before they even open your welcome emails.


Here’s a quick video to take you through getting started with Reconvert, and creating your very own custom thank-you page:

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