Adding Product Reviews to Debutify

Now that you have your Shopify store launched, the next thing to work on is what you need to include in your shop with your upcoming launch. One thing that is often overlooked is product reviews–allowing your customers to add their reviews on your products is a must for any e-commerce business.

Maximizing Shopify with a Custom Order Confirmation Page

E-commerce shop owners have so many concerns to take care of, from product development to email marketing, so making your customers become repeating customers is usually the goal.

Did you know that customers who have made purchases on your website statistically visited your website at least 8-10 times before doing so? So you actually have earned their trust when they convert to paying customers. At this point, you are aiming to gain loyal customers of your brand. To make this happen, you must nurture the relationship between the brand and the valued customers through emails, social media, and more.

5 Essential Tools for New Shop Solopreneurs

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry as shops keep popping up overnight, and with the ability to sell without needing to house the products, it has become even more accessible. However, in starting a store, there’s a couple of things to have in place before just building an overnight success. 

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