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How to add Amazon-like upsell recommendations to Shopify

If you have an online store, you should be utilizing upsell recommendations to help increase your average order amount. In this blog, we learn how to use Upsell Recommendations and Upsells to increase sales and revenue for your Shopify store.

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How to Add Automatic Back in Stock Alerts for your Customers

Adding Back in Stock alerts is great to have for customers when you sell a lot of products pretty quickly, or you have seasonal products and you want to make sure that you don’t lose your customers just because of an out of stock product.


How to add Personalization options to your Shopify Store

One popular service that customers love is personalized products; adding a name, nickname, or favorite color goes a long way and gets them excited to go through and make the purchase. Adding this to your store means that you need to have a place for them to add text or images. And that it’s attached to the order for you to organize and fulfill properly.

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