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Sit, Sip & Sell : Jumpstart your Entrepreneurial Journey

Join Jess as she helps you Elevate and Accelerate your Entrepreneurial Success with ease using proven and tested Sit, Sip, and Sell Program so you can achieve the Freedom you dream of. Sit, Sip and Sell™ is a quarterly event for aspiring Side hustlers, Solopreneurs, and seasoned Entrepreneurs who are looking to start the profitable business of their dreams. The event’s purpose focuses on Entrepreneurial Pain Points, like replacing yourself, website building, apps, and many more.


Shopify Jumpstart

Are you ready to launch your Shopify store?
Basically (or literally) bouncing off the walls in excitement for your launch?
But tired of manually having to keep up with sales and going through a thousand steps just to get the product to your customer?
It was great in the beginning, but now it’s just plain overwhelming.
It’s time to launch your online store and give your customers a way to purchase from your store without the risk of you burning out from being the only person in charge!


How to Remove your Shopify Password Page

You have added your products, made your theme perfect and now you are ready to launch your new site to the world, but where is the launch button on Shopify?
This is how you remove that page from your store and make your website accessible.

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